Endlessly curious. My work primarily involves the use of embroidery. I am interested in collapsing the boundaries between traditional and popular cultures and exploring the links that exist between these two. My work examines how this particular mishmash manifests itself in modern times, especially concerning modern youths. Preferring to work with craft-based techniques, I am attracted to the evidence of the hand and its time-consuming aspect, which runs counter to the instant gratification and mass-production centred age of today. My works have been exhibited in Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.

For enquiries about purchase of artworks, write to me at izziyanasuhaimi@gmail.com. Or just simply to say hello.

All content is by me, unless otherwise stated. If I used a photo of yours and you would like it down, please don't hesitate to ask. If you want to use any of my photos, please ask too. If you reblog any of my works, please do credit. Thank you.

© Izziyana Suhaimi. All rights reserved.

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welcome, lovers!

WHAT POSTS DELUGE! WHERE IS IT!! *coughcough* That’s from all the dust that has been gathering. Sorry everyone, my bones is going through some changes and huge undertakings and they are rattling and sighing with mixed feelings, but generally are buzzed. There shall be new beginnings, as many as it takes, for there can never be too many beginnings. Every moment is a new beginning! Here’s a little update on what have been keeping me busy.

Zoe, the founder and writer of A Little Cache, caught me by pleasant surprise when she sent me a sweet little email with a list of questions about Friends to keep you warm. Her questions were interesting and unexpected. It’s always flattering when people are curious about FTKYW, especially when they are young girls who adore fashion more suited to the dreamers, heroes and revolutionaries. Zoe is an aspiring stylist, believes there is beauty in everything (as do I) and loves her braces (I do too!). Read the interview here

Remember this? Well, the big unveil has been.. unveiled. For a while now. My first ever album artwork job and I am ever so pleased with the results! Though it was grueling work (it took about two weeks of non-stop stitching just to finish the front of the album cover!), I loved the entire experience. Really thankful to the band for this opportunity of designing Paint The Sky Red’s debut album. Thank you for putting your trust in me and allowing me the freedom to.. do my thing. Their music is truly amazing and a magical auditory experience. 

What do you guys think? Find the band and the crazily talented amazing people behind it here.

Currently, am working on a little project with another talented band that I love. Hopefully it will open doors to many new exciting projects in the future! Also, a new installation of Friends to keep you warm is coming up soonish! Watch this space for more information. Till next time (I promise it won’t be so long this time), au revoir et bisous!!

Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! Put your best foot forward this month and may we not let it go to waste, amin, insyaAllah.

This is yours and mine is showing at Young Art Taipei now. Alongside seven Singaporean artists - John Clang, Zhao Renhui, Joel Yuen, Sherman Ong, Ang Song Nian and Mintio. Together with works by artists under 45 from approximately 57 galleries all over the world. This is my very first showing at an international platform, and I am trés trés excited!

The fair runs till this Sunday, May 15. Check out details here.

Thanks to the folks at 2902 Gallery for making this possible!

you’re invited!

Head on down to ION Art Gallery this Thursday (March 10) at 7 pm, for Now or Never, a collection of artworks that examines the concerns and reflections of ten artists including yours truly! I will be exhibiting my degree show project, an installation called This Is Yours and Mine, an exploration into what do we inherit from our ancestors and what do we leave behind for our children, building from lost heritage, stories and absent/present memories. Go here for more information. 

ps: This is not the exhibition I was talking about in my previous post. Keep a lookout for more information on that, which will be happening VERY soon.

pps: This Is Yours and Mine will be shown in Young Art Taipei 2011 from 12 - 15 May. How exciting!!!

everydayrainbow (:

The lovely folks over at everydayrainbow, wrote a little something on Friends To Keep You Warm, which you can read here. Everydayrainbow is absolutely filled with many many lovely things that will keep you occupied for an hour or two. They even have an online shop (from which I am loving a few things)! I love their sections on art, design, travel, fashion inspirations and handmade.

Have a rainbow-filled day! xx

More Friends to keep you warm! These are part of the book as seen here, and include the likes of Yokoo, Tavi and one of my favourite fashion designers - Charles Anastase. Currently, am cooking up something exciting with FTKYW (as I affectionately love to call it, it rolls off the tongue so naturally right????). Will update more soon! Till then, be joyous and love all your people.

Embroidery and ink on tracing paper.

like flowers in ultraviolet.

For the past week or so, I have been working myself to a sewing frenzy for something top secret! Kind of. I am more than halfway done and I am so chuffed with how it’s turning out. I cannot wait to see the final product and for the big unveil, I get butterflies just thinking about it!

bunny year!

Happy Chinese New Year!! 

Don’t forget your umbrellas and stay warm (:

Friends to keep you warm

A series that started from drooling after clothes I love but cannot afford. “Friends” refers to the clothes and the fashion people too. They keep me company at night! Inspired by various fashion designers and bloggers, including but not limited to - Kenzo, Peter Jensen, Marc Jacobs, Yokoo, Tavi, etc. More photos coming up soon!

Embroidery and ink on tracing paper.


Not a bad way to start a Thursday, with a feature on culturepush. Thanks, Michele!

Check it here.

We’re put together beautifully.

Cyanotypes on japanese rice paper. Of various sizes. I asked my friends to tell me their wishes, which I wrote on the rice paper and proceed to cut out the text.

I hope one day we will all learn to live with our wishes and make them true. Also, take a look see here.

Eventually - Paint The Sky Red

Finally, after a lot of distractions and uncontrollable external circumstances, am fully embarking and immersing myself in the next project and let me tell you, I am super excited. This is a sneak peek. Ladies and gentlemen, paint the sky red.

kult issue #5 - FEAR

Truly amazing and honoured to be one of the fifty-two artists and designers featured in the most recent issue of kult magazine. Did a little something on XENOPHOBIA - a fear of foreigners or strangers or of their politics or culture (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/xenophobia). Pick it up if you see it anywhere, kult magazine is cool.

Check out their past issues here and join their facebook page here.

Have a great weekend, everyone! xo

I don’t think it will ever stop feeling like this.

Well I reckon it’s about time I begin posting some of my works up here. Of course everything I make is precious to me but this series here is where I “found” mixed media, in particular embroidery. It has, since then, been one of my most favourite mediums to work with (as you will soon see!). It was also where I started working with layers, playing with visibility and hiddenness.

At the point when this particular work was made, I was reading a lot on Sufism. The Sufis believe that the heart is the center of the human microcosm and is where God resides. I was also in the middle of a very complicated, very confusing, very intense relationship. And so I wanted to find solace in something bigger than myself, and also straighten out my emotions. I started using embroidery to follow the arteries and veins of the heart, to symbolise a search for The Answer. Well of course at the end of it, I was nowhere near figuring anything out but was pretty damn happy with what came out of it, so all’s well. In the final presentation, I included a clip of a heart surgery. The stitches I made on the heart seem to me like a process of destruction and repair, and I wanted to show this literally being done.

Images of the heart were from Gray’s Anatomy by Henry Gray, illustrated by Henry Carter, printed on tracing paper and stitched on, done in 2008. This work was shown in Nixon Art Mosh Singapore 2010 sans the heart surgery.

Digital print and embroidery on tracing paper.

A little peek of what I’ve been up to. Cyanotypes and paper cuts.
It’s slightly freaky but also great-feeling-ish, how I’ve been seeing butterflies (or the word butterfly) everywhere, when I was close to giving up on this at every turn. But I think it’s coming together nicely, I really hope so.

A little peek of what I’ve been up to. Cyanotypes and paper cuts.

It’s slightly freaky but also great-feeling-ish, how I’ve been seeing butterflies (or the word butterfly) everywhere, when I was close to giving up on this at every turn. But I think it’s coming together nicely, I really hope so.