Endlessly curious. My work primarily involves the use of embroidery. I am interested in collapsing the boundaries between traditional and popular cultures and exploring the links that exist between these two. My work examines how this particular mishmash manifests itself in modern times, especially concerning modern youths. Preferring to work with craft-based techniques, I am attracted to the evidence of the hand and its time-consuming aspect, which runs counter to the instant gratification and mass-production centred age of today. My works have been exhibited in Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.

For enquiries about purchase of artworks, write to me at izziyanasuhaimi@gmail.com. Or just simply to say hello.

All content is by me, unless otherwise stated. If I used a photo of yours and you would like it down, please don't hesitate to ask. If you want to use any of my photos, please ask too. If you reblog any of my works, please do credit. Thank you.

© Izziyana Suhaimi. All rights reserved.

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Hurray, Frankie!

The other day I received an email from a very nice girl and she said she read about my work in Frankie Magazine’s website and I was like whaaaat?! Frankie?! So I did some quick search and lo and behold! There it is, a lovely post about FTKYW and other works in that Frankie style we all love so much. What a great honour to be picked up by Frankie, thank you! Read it here!


Look what was waiting for me at the post office! Yes, I am collaborating with the awesomeness that is Wool and the Gang, how psyched are you?! Cos I sure am! I watched their videos countless times when trying to pick up knitting and I fell in love with their thick chunky yarns that come in such fantastic colours. So this is definitely one of those projects that feels like a dream come true. 

Well, needless to say - watch this space for more updates! We’ll be posting progress shots and things like that.



Do you ever get the feeling that you’re super excited to do a million things but you only have two hands and can only sew so much in one day but your brain is thinking of a bazillion projects to complete by the month’s end? Welcome to my life for the past month! And this is how my table looks like for the past week, I cannot wait to clear it to begin on the next project. I’m working on a new Friends to keep you warm piece for a very cool girl! We’re also collaborating on something super top secret (no, not really), but it will be flyyy. I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with all things floral and the floral craze this spring/summer is no help at all. I was just itching to embroider flowers on everything, so was very happy to be doing just that for this piece!

Happy Friday!

NYLON Singapore - Art & Design issue. Get it!

On a very hot March afternoon, I sat down with Randy Yeo from Nylon Singapore, with some cold juice and cookies at my room/workspace. We had a very nice conversation about art in Singapore, the line between art and design, my work practice and many other things. Read all about it in their second issue. 

I am very very excited now that it’s out and am extra honoured (and out of my head over the moon) that the people at Nylon Singapore chose to feature me and my works amongst six other superbly talented creatives. A big thank you! 

As part of the feature, we were asked to make our own Nylon cover. Here’s what I did!

I am very proud as well to share these pages with a fellow artist whom I admire loads - TR853-1. If you remember, we exhibited together in the exhibition, Don’t Forget To Remember, at The Arts House. Read all about his involvement in the H&M annual campaign Fashion Against Aids (FAA) here.

Get your copy of Nylon Singapore now. They run out really fast, trust me. 

The looms in our bones, updates & such.

Oh my, has it really been a month since I last updated? March passed by faster than a speeding bullet and now that it’s April, I am raring to go. First up! As you might have read from the previous posts, I recently had an exhibition at The Arts House. It was great fun working with the three artists and the exhibition organizers. The looms in our bones has really grown close to my heart, not least because so many people seemed to be able to connect to it and create their own meanings from the works, which is always a bonus point for me. The research for this series led me to many “Omg really???!! That is so amazing!!” moments about embroidery and textiles in traditional cultures and I foresee having many more. Thank you to everyone involved and all the people who took the time to talk to me about this series. 

Here are some photos of the works and the exhibition.



The works are made using watercolour, pencil and of course embroidery (all by hand!) on watercolour paper. They are of varying sizes (as you can see from the first photo). 

The entire team of Don’t Forget To Remember and artists. Photography by Mr. Ken Cheong. For more photos of the event, go here.

Something tremendously exciting will be out in May, I am jumping out of my seat I can’t hardly wait. And there are shows and exhibitions in the works for the second half of the year, looking forward to all that. I’m also starting on a simple daily project that I hope will keep my fingers busy, so keep a lookout. I think that’s all for now, I hope everyone is having a merry April so far!

For enquiries on sale of artworks and details, please drop me an email at izziyanasuhaimi@gmail.com.

Don’t forget to remember!

We have just finished installing the works at The Arts House and they are looking so good! Definitely a show you must not miss. Here is another sneaky peek at “The looms in our bones”.

Don’t forget to remember to attend the “Don’t forget to remember” exhibition (heh heh) at The Arts House this Thursday, March 1st. Opening reception begins at 6:30 pm. And don’t forget to check out all the exciting happenings that are part of the i-Am 2012 Arts Festival as well. More info here.




peek! The looms in our bones.

Super duper excited to premiere a new series of work, The looms in our bones, at the upcoming “Don’t Forget To Remember” exhibition at The Arts House, curated by Loredana Paracciani. Here is a sneak peek! If it is even possible, I am way waaaay more excited to be showing next to three other insanely talented artists - TR853-1Hafidz Senor and Kamarule. A lot of information to process for this post, but hang in there!

"The looms in our bones" excavates the rich embroidery tradition of various cultures and examines them within portraits of women. This project was borne out of a sense that we are quickly losing touch and forgetting the knowledge of our cultures, our heritage and traditions. The modern culture is becoming more homogenised and there is a rapidly growing interaction, exchange, adaptation, adoption, alteration and rejection of traditional practices and knowledge. There is a sense of mystery and intrigue in traditional embroidery, it is a visual code that only those in the know have the knowledge to decipher. It is precisely this sense of loss, mystery and secrecy that "The looms in our bones" aims to explore.

"Don’t Forget to Remember" is a multi-artist exhibition that focuses on capturing and preserving transient and intangible memories through tangible visual art. It serves to introduce the public to contemporary art with a slant, rooted in tradition and history. 

In conjunction with the exhibition and the theme of Memory, there will also be an outreach programme organised for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s Disease. Guest speakers will share their experiences and knowledge about the condition at the talk, while the interactive workshop that follows will explore the curative roles that Art Therapy can play in the lives of both caregivers and people with Alzheimer’s. This programme has limited seats, so get your tickets choppity chop here.

This exhibition is part of the i-Am 2012 Arts Festivalan annual arts festival conceptualized and organized by the Year 2 students of the Arts Management Programme of LASALLE College of the Art, directed and produced by the School of Arts Management. 

Needless to say, you are all invited! For more information, visit their website here, facebook page here. See you there.


The latest offering from Friends to keep you warm is a collaboration with the very talented local designer of L’ILE AUX ASHBY. Here is a peek into one of the pieces in this series. The pattern on the collars was adapted from his absolutely mindblowing print designs. We have exciting plans for this collaboration, there will definitely be more to come. Keep a lookout!

This piece will be exhibited at Lasalle College of the Arts as part of a show on embroidery + illustration art this February. Will keep you guys updated! Till then, have a happy weekend! xx


FTKYW is going to France! I’ve been busy working on a collaboration with the madly talented designer of L’ile Aux Ashby. Very very excited to show the new FTKYW pieces at the upcoming Born Designers 2012 trade show in Courchevel! Drop by if you’re in France. Will post photos soon!

Check out the event here and L’ile Aux Ashby here and here.

FTKYW on vogue.fr

Alhamdulillah. Excuse me while I scrape my jaw off the floor and resuscitate my heart. In the meantime, see it here. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.


Happily working. Happy New Year!

CATALOG issue #87 - Holiday!

Back in November, the good people at CATALOG approached me to collaborate with their creative team for the magazine’s December cover. I pretended to be cool (though my heart was excitedly beating its way out of my chest) and said HELL YES. Enough talking, on to the covers!

Check out the stitched masthead the CATALOG team did. Very neat, no? Here are the girl and guy pre-production almost done but not quite there, before rocking their Levi’s threads.

I must admit I’m not much of a magazine reader but after working with the CATALOG team and poring over their past issues, I only have one word - madrespect. The magazine has come a really long way since their humble beginnings. As an independent magazine, it is strongly holding its own against other local publishings and dare I say it, doing a better job. Needless to say, am incredibly lucky and ultra excited to have this small part in its history.

Thank you to the CATALOG team, especially Weiling, Ash, Janice and Farhan for photography. Insanely talented, hardworking, friendly and passionate they all are, with just the right touch of good crazy. Not forgetting Pakkee for writing the feature, without whom I think this would not have happened. And of course, thank you to the good people at Levi’s.

Pick up your CATALOG now. It’s cool.


Let’s talk about everything

"Let’s talk about everything" is a collection of memories carefully collected from four individuals, springing from four different phrases that hold strong emotional connections to these individuals. These phrases were taken from songs, quotes, poetry, etc. Each memory is explored, studied, laboured over and embroidered on found materials.

Gold thread was used in varying degrees on each piece to recreate gold dust. The preciousness and value of gold reflect a similar preciousness and value attached to individual memories. However, memories extremely treasured by one, may be meaningless to another. In a similar manner, gold dust, though still having value, is useless until it is turned into something useful such as a bar or a button.

Here are some photos from this series.


And here are photos from the installation at Finale Art File Gallery. Photography credits go to Mariano Ching and Rafeeza Khaliq.

I feel really honoured and lucky to be part of this amazing show with all the other super talented artists. I mean, look at this… 

Antarctica Manifesto / Antarctica Treaty by Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid

Kinabukasan Ay Kaginhawahan by Zeus Bascon (Yeah, those are spikes!) Easily, an artist I admire greatly.

A crayon sketch of Leonor Rivera drawn by José Rizal taken from Wikipedia by Patrick Cruz. Another one of those crazily talented people.

Balls and Chains by Mac Valdezco

Dust by Mac Valdezco. The range in the materials she uses and how she use them to make breathtaking works astound me.

Wall work by Juan Alcazaren

Oh…Melayu (Version 2) [Oh…Malay] by Rafeeza Khaliq

The Great Smoke by Rox Lee

Rebuilt by Eugene Jarque

China Girl by Felix Bacolor

Untitled by Romeo Lee

Photography credits go to Mariano Ching. For more photos of the event, go here. The show will be up till December 31st. Thank you to Finale Art File, the curators Mariano Ching and Isabel Ching and everyone else who made this show possible!

Edit: How could I be such a dork and forget to thank my incredible friends who took the time to answer my questions and were more than willing to share a part of themselves with me and everyone else. Thank you for believing in this project! You know who you are (; This project would not have been realised without all of you.

On a sidenote, I am thinking of expanding this project. Anyone interested to take part, please drop me a note with 1) A line (from a song/poetry/quote/etc) that has strong emotional attachments and 2) The memory that is attached to this line. Thank you!