Endlessly curious. My work primarily involves the use of embroidery. I am interested in collapsing the boundaries between traditional and popular cultures and exploring the links that exist between these two. My work examines how this particular mishmash manifests itself in modern times, especially concerning modern youths. Preferring to work with craft-based techniques, I am attracted to the evidence of the hand and its time-consuming aspect, which runs counter to the instant gratification and mass-production centred age of today. My works have been exhibited in Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.

For enquiries about purchase of artworks, write to me at izziyanasuhaimi@gmail.com. Or just simply to say hello.

All content is by me, unless otherwise stated. If I used a photo of yours and you would like it down, please don't hesitate to ask. If you want to use any of my photos, please ask too. If you reblog any of my works, please do credit. Thank you.

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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re super excited to do a million things but you only have two hands and can only sew so much in one day but your brain is thinking of a bazillion projects to complete by the month’s end? Welcome to my life for the past month! And this is how my table looks like for the past week, I cannot wait to clear it to begin on the next project. I’m working on a new Friends to keep you warm piece for a very cool girl! We’re also collaborating on something super top secret (no, not really), but it will be flyyy. I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with all things floral and the floral craze this spring/summer is no help at all. I was just itching to embroider flowers on everything, so was very happy to be doing just that for this piece!

Happy Friday!